Setting Up Your My Disney Experience Account & Ordering MagicBands

Step 1 – Set up your My Disney Experience account and link your reservation

You can create a complimentary account by following these quick and easy steps:

  1. Go to and select "My Disney Experience”
  2. Select "Create an Account"
  3. Fill in the requested information*
  4. Link your hotel reservation (or park tickets) using your confirmation number

*TIP! Don't be surprised if after you enter your email address, a pop up informs you that your account already exists. In this case, you won't need to create a new profile. Instead you can log in. Forgot your password? No problem! Click the reset button and you'll be on your way in a jiff.

That's really neat and all, but what is this My Disney Experience account used for? 

You'll use it for ordering MagicBands, booking FastPass+, making dining Reservations, completing online check in, viewing PhotoPass photos and connecting with fellow travelers. TIP! We recommend that you download the complimentary My Disney Experience App to your phone so that you can make changes (if / when needed) to FastPasses while you’re traveling.

Step 2 – Order your complimentary MagicBands
Under My Disney Experience (upper right), select MagicBands and Cards

  1. Confirm your mailing address – Disney will ship MagicBands to one address per reservation number.
  2. Personalize your MagicBands – Pick Your Color! Disney currently offers complimentary MagicBands in 8 solid colors — Purple, pink, green, red, orange, yellow, blue and gray. Pick Your Name! And for an extra measure of fun, Guests can also customize their MagicBands with their name which will be printed on the inside of the band. Enter up to 9 characters… “Dream2017”, "GalPals", "Popcorn" - Whatever you like!
  3. Disney will ship your MagicBands to your home a few weeks before you arrive. Look for an email from Disney notifying you that your Bands have shipped. This email will include a tracking number, which will also be listed on your My Disney Experience account when you log in.

Again. Cool and all, but how will I use said MagicBand?
So glad you asked! It will be used as

  • Your transfer voucher at MCO - If you're staying at a Disney hotel, scan your Band and board the motor coach via Disney's Magical Express and be whisked from the airport to your Disney hotel
  • Your room key - If you're staying at a Disney hotel, your MagicBand will open the door to your hotel room.
  • Your form of payment - Link a credit or debit card to your MagicBand when you check in at any Disney hotel and you can use your Band for payment throughout the parks, hotels and Disney Springs. Don't worry! You'll be asked to enter a PIN number for security.
  • Your park admission - If you've purchased theme park tickets, you can link them to your My Disney Experience account, which will automatically link them to your MagicBand. Scan your Band to get into the parks.
  • Your admission to the FastPass+ line - If you've linked theme park tickets to your My Disney Experience account, you can book FastPasses up to 60 days before arriving. Click here to learn more about FastPass+
  • Your way to capture photos taken throughout the parks - Scan your MagicBand any time a Disney Photopass Photographer takes your photo. View those photos using your My Disney Experience account.